We're super-happy to be presenting this rare and exclusive guest mix from Kuro BC, a burgeoning 24-year-old producer from South London. His debut Artifice EP is arriving 12th May on Color Station – prepare yourselves for solemn atmospheres propped up by booming-luscious beats and washes of synth in many forms, from angular and rhythmic, to softly ambient. Until then, we have this tasty mix to sink our teeth into and whet our appetites – even more tasty given the context and meaning of the tracks selected for this occasion.

In Kuro's own words: "It's a dark, challenging mix of things. These are all tracks that I was exclusively listening to or working on at the same time as Artifice. I threw in a few unreleased gems in there as well."

Feel free to pre-order the Artifice EP on iTunes.


  • 1. Delia Derbyshire - Colours [Psychic Sounds]
  • 2. Circle Traps - What It Holds [Lex Records]
  • 3. Phuture - Acid Trax [Trax Records]
  • 4. Basic Channel - Phylyps Trak [Basic Channel]
  • 5. Shinamo Moki - ??? (Kuro BC Remix) [Abandon Building]
  • 6. Untold - Strange Dreams [Hemlock]
  • 7. Perera Elsewhere - Ebora ft Aremu (Paula Temple Remix) [Friends of Friends]
  • 8. Flamingods - Cacao (Kuro BC Deconstruction) [N/A]
  • 9. Headmaster - Departure Point [N/A]
  • 10. Andy Stott - How It Was [Modern Love]
  • 11. Lee Gamble - Motor System [PAN]
  • 12. Max Synergy - '1' [N/A]
  • 13. Malinga Five - Kaloule Woman [Barclay]
  • 14. Rexy - Nervoso [Alien Records]
  • 15. 100% Pure Poison - Puppet On A Chain [EMI]