The latest instalment in our Plastic Platform mix series comes from South African producer Muzi, who released his debut album Boom Shaka last year on his own imprint WE.THE.BUNDU.

"Whether it's my productions or my DJ mixes, I always try to merge my influences," he says of his Plastic Platform mix. "This mix features the simplistic but genius sounds of UK Garage to the bold and colourful sounds of Kwaito."

You might notice some of the tracks say "Muzi Shandis"; "shandis" is a Zulu word that can mean loads of different stuff, but in this particular case it translates to something like "this is my style", "this is my shit". Dive in below. Then lose your shit.


1. Muzi - 'Desire' Ft. Yanga Madlala (Original Mix)
2. Muzi - Unreleased
3. Mr Carmack - 'Otis Otis'
4. Happy Colors - 'Mamaguevo'
5. Alaska - 'Accuse'
6. Sade - 'Nothing Can Come Between Us' (Pomo Edit)
7. Muzi - 'Ekhaya'
8. D'angelo - 'Send It On' (Muzi Shandis)
9. Tweet - 'Oops' (Muzi Shandis)
10. Apache - 'Sugar Hill Gang Vs. AKA - The World is Yours' (Muzi Shandis)
11. Pomo - 'Cloud Cruise'
12. Kanye West - 'Flashing Lights' (Muzi Shandis)
13. Kanye West - 'All Day' (Muzi Shandis)
14. JNTHN STEIN - 'Changes' (Djemba Djemba Remix)
15. Drake - 'Hold On' (Muzi Shandis)
16. Muzi - 'Desire Ft. Yanga Madlala' (Tiro House Mix)
17. Destiny's Child - 'Say My Name' (Muzi Shandis)
18. Stelouse - 'Zone' (Falcxne Remix)
19. A$AP Rocky - 'M's' Ft. Lil Wayne (Muzi Shandis)
20. Tony Quattro - 'Zulu Carnival'
21. Disclosure - 'When A Fire Starts To Burn' (Muzi Shandis)
22. Post Malone - 'White Iverson Vs. Justin Bieber' (Muzi Shandis)
23. Daft Punk - 'Technologic' (Muzi Shandis)

Muzi recently had his track 'Zenzile' remixed by the Hannah Wants to soundtrack Nando's This is PERi-PERi film. Check it out below.