With their latest single 'Between Us' out earlier in the year, and a couple of successful London shows notched up last month, London-based duo Yours (Joe Edwards and James Melaugh) have stepped down the hallowed halls of our Plastic Platform mix department to bring you this 38-minute adventure featuring the likes of Fugazi, Lykke Li, Kiasmos and Holly Herndon.

"This mix was a lot of fun to put together," explains the duo. "It's a collection of tracks that we've really liked over the past couple of years. It starts out at the more dance-led end of what were into before descending into a more sombre second half."

Listen to the mix below, and head here to get caught up with Yours' excellent output.


1. Vessels - 'Had A Love' (feat. Anna of the North)
2. Kiasmos - 'Swayed'
3. Blue Hawaii - 'In Two II' (Agor Edit)
4. Fugazi - 'Turnover' (Excerpt)
5. Lykke Li - 'I Follow Rivers' (The Magician Remix)
6. Breton - 'Ordnance Survey'
7. Yours - 'Plain View'
9. clipping - 'Get Up' (feat. Mariel Jacoda)
10. The Acid - 'Creeper'
11. Holly Herndon - 'Chorus'
12. Yours - 'When You Notice Me'
13. The Range - 'Regular'
14. Yours - 'Between Us'