It’s almost too easy to target Plastiscines for criticism. They’re an all-woman rock group (usually not too successful musically), French but sing in English, and they have a song called Bitch - possibly the 100th song called that. It’s not the band that is weak or worth targeting – it’s the latest single off their album that shows just how bad they are. From the opening basic boo-bap drums to the annoying chorus of ‘I’m a bitch! I-T-C-H!’ and describing how lead singer Katty Besnard is a bitch no matter what she does, nothing is original or inventive. Basic chords are pounded out without thought, but not in a cool garage rock or punk way. Instead, the song has been overproduced to the point of sounding like a musical form of Teflon. Sure nothing will stick, but sometimes you need a rough edge to get that perfect omelet, mademoiselles. Considering the band has had a few songs (including this one) on television hit Gossip Girl is no surprise, since they make music designed to appeal to people with no idea of what real garage rock is. Don’t expect a new replacement for your favourite punks. If you’ve never heard Plastiscines, maybe this isn’t the place to start. I personally want to like this so bad, but I find nothing in it with even a hint of originality. So let the hate mail being, dear readers. Rating: 4/10