Lost a pretty penny thinking Rooney would seal us a spot in the final 16? Time to make some moolah back, surely. Or are you on a roll betting against Spain? How about keeping that momentum going the ol' fashioned way. Cards. It's how the cowboys did it, how the gangsters did it in the '20s, how the Monte Carlo elite did it – cards are unsung badasses of the (semi-)sport world. Of course, you'll need a good deck – no 'I ♥ Tenerife' or bog standard Pound Stretcher classics will be up to scratch. Take pride in your hand; invest in the best.

Fashion illustrator Joseph Larkowsky – who's worked with HBO's Girls, Radley, Oxfam and the Gay Times, amongst others – is designing decks of cards for popular publications (aw, shucks!) in association with Ladbrokes Casino on a project called Design Your Own Deck. Cast your gaze below at our design, encrusted with azure symbols as if an alternate backdrop the James Bond flick, Casino Royale. Modernity x '60s glamour is always a major plus in our books, and we'd probably be pretty happy just shuffling the deck all night fixated on the kaleidoscopic imagery. There wouldn't be much card playing that way, but hey-ho, priddy things.

We also made a nifty playlist to soundtrack your cigar-smokehouse, ruffled-tux dens of iniquity. Or, y'know, your mate's mum's dining room. Either way, whack on these moody, lavish cuts and embrace the sweat on your brow, every bold bluff and that bastard pair of twos until you've either won everyone's rent or gambled away your Oyster Card.