February is a shorter month, but that doesn't by any stretch of the imagination mean that there are less amazing songs released into the world, and February 2018 was no different. In our playlist for this month we hop from metal to pop-punk to techno to electronica, hitting many stops in between. With a mixture of brand new and well-established acts in the mix, there should be something for everyone to enjoy.

Unfortunately a couple aren't on Spotify, but you can hear Brianna Kelly's beautiful 'To Behold You' and Drowse's engrossing 'Klonopin' in their respective posts. The rest is all collected here for you to enjoy. Check below for the full list of links to our write ups for each.

The 405's Tracks Of The Day, February 2018:

- SLUG reckons with his prudishness on the punchy 'No Heavy Petting' from new album HiggledyPiggledy

- Caroline Rose's cracks are showing on the deceptively sweet 'Getting To Me'

- Belgian trio Teen Creeps show infectious punk nous on 'Sidenote', the lead single from their debut album

- Half Waif's excoriating and personal 'Keep It Out' from newly announced album

- Nilüfer Yanya dismisses a former flame on superb new single 'Thanks 4 Nothing'

- Haley Henderickx takes us into her tempestuous psyche on 'Worth It'

- Hoodlem will give you feelings for days with 'Teenager'

- Iceage flex their muscles on unruly comeback single 'Catch It'

- Brianna Kelly will subtly sweep you off your feet with 'To Behold You'

- Rival Consoles' expressive techno banger 'Unfolding' from newly announced album

- Portland slowcore artist Drowse take us into the dream-like cloudiness of prescription drugs on 'Klonopin'

- French multi-instrumentalist Halo Maud is at her sharpest on psychedelic pop hit 'Tu Sais Comme Je Suis'

- Hungarian metal band Thy Catafalque continue their uncompromising evolution on new track 'Szamojéd freskó'

- Hop Along make a bold leap on the string-laden 'Not Abel'

- Black Moth Super Rainbow strive for positivity on the blissful 'Mr No One', from first album in 6 years

- Screaming Females aim for the jugular with the vengeful power pop track 'I'll Make You Sorry'

- Parquet Courts are at their most esoteric yet immediate on 'Almost Had To Start A Fight/In And Out Of Patience'

- Producer Kwes.'s alien-sounding electronic ode to his niece, 'Midori'

- Bad News Club's wintry departure ballad 'Absent'

- Norwegian trio Spielbergs heroically launch themselves into the spotlight with 'We Are All Going To Die'