Dan Reeves, aka Soft Walls, aka member of Cold Pumas, aka head of Faux Disc Records… you get the point. This guy is doing a lot, but most importantly he’s throwing an album launch for his solo project Soft Walls at the Shacklewell Arms this Friday night (August 8th).

Reeves just released his second Soft Walls LP ‘No Time’ via Trouble In Mind and rave reviews have been circulating ever since. With all that psychedelic goodness in the air, we thought we’d ask him who he’d most love to collaborate with. Reeves mentioned that his Shack Up Playlist, “…features artists both current and no longer with us, so it's really a reflection of influences or dream collaborations, rather than ones that could actually happen.”

Be sure to get down early for the support acts including Teardrop Factory and Feature. After listening to the below it’s likely you’ll be in a state of hypnosis and unable to resist any temptation, so we’ll see you on Friday. Did we mention it’s free?

Women – 'Narrow With The Hall'

The Velvet Underground - 'White Light/White Heat'

Neil Young – 'Don't Let It Bring You Down'

Television – 'Marquee Moon'

White Fence – 'Hey! Roman Nose'

Some magic from the man himself:

Soft Walls – 'No Time'