Nashville's Natural Child aren't just a great band, they're infectious too. The trio play rock and roll that your little limbs simply cannot resist. Mixing moments of upbeat fun and mellow blues, it's the constant groove that really gets you.

They released their fourth LP Dancin' With Wolves earlier this year via the magical people at Burger Records. This Friday night they'll take to the stage at The Shacklewell Arms, with support from Theo Verney, Human Hair and Polterghost. Quite the line-up.

It's bands like Natural Child that leave you more intrigued with every listen. How does it all feel so effortless? With the intention of finding out more, we asked them who they'd most love to collaborate with for our 'Shack Up' playlist. Ultimately, their response just left us wanting more. Check it out below and get your tickets for Friday night here.

D'Angelo - 'Feel Like Makin Love'

Kevin Ayers - 'Whatevershebringswesing'

Miles Davis - 'What I Say'

Brain Bombs - 'Obey'

Devo - 'Golden Energy'

This should get you in the mood: