Thrash Magic by Playlounge is a worrying creation. Playlounge are a two-piece from London, crafting something on the far side of both fuzz-pop and noise-rock. Seven tracks race past in around eighteen minutes total, and whilst, at times, it seems that it's all just power-chords, frantic vocals and methodical drumming, at other times it feels a lot like power-chords, frantic vocals and methodical drumming. This doesn't hamper the enjoyment here, but it certainly puts a limit on just where we imagine Playlounge are going throughout the EP, and so surprises along the way are few.

Saying that, there really is just one song, on paper, which doesn't go down as well as the rest here, and that would be 'Seahorse'. Funnily enough, it is the only song which goes over four minutes, and marks it out as the longest song on the EP. Where the frantic nature of the other songs here make their mark even more sharply by being cut short, 'Seahorse' carries a melody which drags its feet throughout. However, pretty much everything else is solid, entertaining, and definitely geared towards being played in a live atmosphere. Opener, 'Cream Soda' gets the EP going, and I'm sure you're going to hear the words 'mile-a-minute' written often around this band, and this is definitely the impression given from the get-go. By the time the song ends, you simply can't place just exactly what just happened. But before long, we're thrown into the wonder that is 'The adventures of...' with the immortal line, "I'm choking on glitter," coming amidst a guitar line that's jumping up and down faster than girls at a Justin Bieber concert. By now, the remainder of the tracks follow a similar formula, again, all pretty good, and never over-reaching, but expected. 'Ghost grrrl' breaks the chain, offering up something melancholic (if not overly memorable), before 'Sweet tooth' takes ourselves back to Playlounge at their most buoyant.

Thrash Magic is a worrying creation. A worry simply because the ingredients here are all right, but instead of making a three course meal of culinary delights, someone just took the cheese from our picnic basket and made cheese on toast. Now, it may be the most fucking delicious cheese on toast in the world, but you never help but feel that you could have had it so much better. Thrash Magic is worrying, because Playlounge have this in their reach, and the best parts of their EP prove this. Let's hope they learn to blow the ceiling clean off, and in the meantime, let's go dance our feet off.