Hello Gamers! For many of us online gaming is seen as a necessity to the fulfillment of our game playing experience. In November 2006, PlayStation introduced it's very own online shop, to coincide with the launch of its newest and most sort after console yet - The PS3. For the first time gamers would get the chance to download their own games from the comfort of their armchairs. The store's aim was to offer a range of down-loadable content both for purchase and available free of charge, thus turning the online world of gaming into a place where online shopping was also possible to. Available content to the store includes full games, add-on content, playable demos, themes and game and movie trailers. As of September 2009, there have been over 600 million downloads from the PlayStation Store worldwide. The405 were lucky enough to be treated to a £20 gift voucher to try out on the PlayStation Store just before Christmas. Here's what we thought! Since gaming has always been PlayStation's forte, you'd expect to find that the PlayStation store features a in depth index of games, ranging through genre to console (PS3, PSP and even so far back as PS1!) It's fair to say that you are spoiled for choice when it comes to games on the PlayStation Store and the mixture of free demo's and priced content allows you to also try before you buy, which is a must for any amateur gamer. There's also a well categorized list of game add-ons which have become very popular since they allow gamers to purchase new levels,costume designs and/or charachters for pre owned games. But if you still can't find what you're looking for the PlayStation Store offers its own recommendations, which seem to have all its customers needs covered. The idea to the voucher system is very simple one - scratch the panel on the back of your voucher, punch in the code to your PS3 console and automatically the vouchers purchased amount will be credited to your PlayStation Store wallet. My only initial problem here was that it took me some time to find where to actually enter my redeem code. The PlayStation Store has gone through many design revamps since it first launched, but I can't help but feel that the amount of blank space on the screen could be used to make buttons such as this one, which are almost impossible to identify, a little bit bigger! I was particularly impressed with the PlayStation Stores' extensive catalog of films. In my opinion this is the strongest feature of the PlayStation store. The fact that it boasts a large collection of both recent Hollywood blockbusters like Transformers 2 to Inglorious Bastards and classic cult movies such as Aliens and Die Hard makes it a strong contender with other film collections seen at places such as iTunes and will of course make it a sure fire hit with movie buffs. The diversity in films is great and for new releases the PlayStation Store is spot on and really delivers on up to date content. Another obvious plus is the fact that you can choose between either purchasing the film for £11.99 or simply renting it from £2.49. Reasonable download prices to say the least. Renting does however limit your viewing pleasure somewhat, with the PlayStation Store only allowing you to watch the film for 48 hours over a period of 14 days from the first time you play the movie. However I'd still recommend the renting feature over the full purchase system simply because there's more to rent and you're not exactly breaking the bank. The only thing that is missing here is of course the option to download Music and TV shows. Currently the PlayStation store offers a collection of game soundtracks so it might only be a matter of time before we see both those things becoming introduced and steadily more available to PS3 Users. Those of us who like to conserve shelf space and back up our movies will also appreciate the PlayStation 3's healthy 40-80GB hard drive when it comes to downloading films. The only down side here is that you're not getting any of the special features that you normally would on a DVD. Maybe this is something that PlayStation should look to be adding to their movie selection in the near future. Otherwise you're just literally paying a little more then what you would to go to the cinema. My only gripe with the PlayStation Store is the incredibly slow downloading time on purchases. It took me an entire day to download one film and although I didn't purchase any games I'm sure I would've found myself in the exact same situation. One could expect to see these types of download speeds from a torrent seeder or any other P2P file sharing network but not on a secure PlayStation owned and licensed network. I'm not sure why it takes so long and I'm sure PlayStation has its reasons. But when you're not downloading something illegally you expect a certain quality of service for the money you're paying right? And on this exchange PlayStation falls short of reaching its customers satisfaction on the downloads front. Overall the PlayStation Store is incredibly user friendly and full to the brim with well priced content - varying from games, films, wallpapers and even applications. Its a little overwhelming at just how much the PlayStation store has to offer and one can often find themselves in indecisive predicaments. You might not necessarily find a bargain on the PlayStation store but you'll most certainly find what you need. If you're a hardcore PS3 gamer, I would highly recommend betting a voucher like this. It'll be money well spent!