'VRDSNT' is the new track from Ploy and you should be warned: 'VRDSNT' is an infectious earworm.

Plinky synth notes lead into the track's main groove. Synth chords bounce and the percussion pops as vocalist Gil Wojcik croons fantasies about hooking up with a girl he saw "way down by the water." By the time the chorus and hook kick in, "If you want it, babe/Just come on over," if you’re not sold, I'm not sure I can help you. 'VRDSNT' has a catchy and immediately recognizable melody that will not leave your head. Ploy has crafted a great summer single with 'VRDSNT', a throwback to an 80s pop sound with lyrics that sound as if they were pulled straight from a lovesick teenage boy's mind and libido.

'VRDSNT' is available as a free download from Ploy's bandcamp page and may I recommend it becomes the first cut on this year's summer playlist?