It's too early to say what the legs are for Plug.DJ but it's definitely not jumping the shark to say that the new social, streaming, DJ, virtual, curatorship...entity is brilliant, intuitive, addictive and has huge potential to signal an industry shift, or at least establish itself as a solid name in online music media.

And more importantly, The 405 editors and fans have been rocking the room with summer jams, hip hop anthems and alt-rock classics, as well as sick new remixes and brand-new singles from hotly anticipated new releases since Wednesday afternoon.

So come one come all, be it for isolated headphone playlist fun, or to do what I'm currently doing - streaming the whole thing via bluetooth to the office speakers and obsessing about getting enough 'woots' on my music choices to upgrade my weird little avatar to something as cool as Oli's shaggy green bear, thing. Then again, when you hear the videos/tracks Oli be droppin' it's no surprise he's hard to compete with.

You can also read a more in-depth analysis of the site and its potential by Film Ed Danny over on this here Trend Journal.