Hello all! It is now less than a week until Episode 4 of the Podcast, the April edition! Are you excited? You'd better be. If you're not, though, you've come to the right place, because this month, we're gonna give you a little bit of a sneak preview. Rather than just entirely stealing our own thunder, though, we're only going to make a few things painfully obvious: some of the others may require a little bit of work. Post your guesses down below, if you think you know what we have in store for you! First of all, we've got a brand new feature for you. Our very own Hectory Barley will be telling you all about the bands he wishes were still together. Any guesses on who he's chosen first?
There'll also be something or other going on about this. Eagle-eyed or charitable 405 regulars will probably know what it is, even though we've sneakily clipped out the title:
And Rob has continued in his quest to annoy as many indie sensations as possible. Do you recognise who he's tracked down and hassled this month? There's a clue hidden somewhere, if you can't quite work it out.
We'll also have a whole bunch of music for you, including Souls Of Mischief and an absolutely exclusive track from Kali, a rather good band from Leeds.
But that's not all! Maybe these cryptic picture clues will give you an indication of some of the other bands you can expect to hear:
Hopefully this will whet your appetite for podcasts and mysteries. Guess away, and come back next week for Episode 4 of the 405 Podcats!