There is literally nothing that the Minecraft community hasn't recreated (Well, except maybe a realistic looking sellable house!). Now fellow Minecrafter MediocreJake has uploaded a video showing him recreate the entire Pokémon Red and Blue experience, from Pallet town to every road in the Kanto region - It's insane!

"Getting the scale right was pretty difficult to be honest," MediocreJake wrote on Reddit. "And getting the routes to line up. For example, Celadon and Fuchsia weren't lined up correctly, so Route 17 (Cycling Road) ended up way too long, so I had to re-align a few cities and routes, which was a pain."

Unfortunately SS Anne or Mt Moon aren't featured yet. Anything that is "indoors," like caves, is counted as an interior and is being built on a separate part of the map. According to MediocreJake he plans to set up warps to access them. Hopefully we will see a video of this too once it's complete!