Today's Pokémon Direct was fairly short, wrapping up some teased details about Pokémon X and Y that will be released simultaneously around the world (The first time any Pokémon game has ever been released globally on the same day) on October 12th.

Nintendo of Japan president Satoru Iwata hosted the Pokémon Direct from Game Freak's headquarters, speaking to the Creatures Inc. (The successor to Ape Inc. who made the Mother games!) founder Tsunekazu Ishihara and Game Freak's own game director Junichi Masuda.

The trio firstly recapped the old GameBoy design and link cable system that were used for the very first Pokémon games. Mr. Ishihara couldn't believe looking back how huge the game cartridges were or how the original GameBoy itself looked like a giant arcade machine. It brought back memories where he felt quite emotional looking at the original design maps for Pokémon Green, Red and Blue.

There was then a short recap of all the games to date in order. The Direct focussed on talking about the GameBoy Advance Wireless adapter that Nintendo had taken to Mr. Ishihara and Masuda in an effort to make a more interactive Pokémon without cables - Through this and current development, WiFi became standard in all their recent games without the need for cables.

The new PSS system from Pokémon X and Y was quickly shown that allows you to communicate, trade and battle with Pokémon trainers all around the world. Mr. Ishihara expressed that the signature of the Pokémon games is open-ness were you don't have to play alone. Now you can play international all over the world.

Mr. Masuda then began to talk extensively about a new DLC exclusive software that has been a long-term concept but has now become a reality called Pokémon Bank - This DLC will allow you to put Pokémon on a cloud storage via the internet. You can put 3000 total Pokémon in the bank, with it featuring intuitive search options. This is the best way to surpass the in-game bank system that has limited space.

You can put all the previous Pokémon you captured and trained from Pokémon Black and White (and the sequels) in the Pokémon Bank via Poké Transporter. You can then transfer them to Pokémon X and Y from the bank - Amazing!

Poké Transporter is a add-on - More info soon on the main Pokémon website.

This way it gives an incentive to play the older games, as you have a deeper connection to your Pokémon - All their stats are kept throughout the games with the transfer system.

Pokémon Bank is a paid service that uses cloud technology. As Game Freak intend to maintain the cloud server and utilise it as a longterm service that will be usable with ALL future Pokémon titles, there will be a annual fee to use it.

Mr. Masuda then revealed that in Pokémon X and Y your first starter Pokémon won't be given to us by a Professor, but our friend instead - What you can recieve is Chespin (Leaf), Fennekin (Fire) and Froakie (Water). However later on you will also receive another Pokémon from the Professor in the game in the form of one of the original Pokémon's from Red or Blue versions - That is, Bulbasaur (Leaf), Charmander (Fire) and Squirtle (Water).

In Pokémon X and Y, these older Pokémons can evolve further with Mega-Evolutions. After the mega evolution has occurred during battle, they will get secret powers and a new image. A black bracelet worn by the Pokémon trainer called the Mega Ring is used to cause mega evolution - It will activate depending on your bond with your Pokémon.

Mr. Isihara closes the Pokémon Direct saying the game will release on October 12th in 7 different languages that you can select. It's been his dream to release the game on the same day for everyone and he also feels mega evolution is an expression of everything in the past they wanted to do with previous Pokémon games.

Mr. Masuda says its been a difficult development with the global launch date and creating 3D models of every Pokémon, however it's all been a lot of fun. After testing Pokémon X and Y, he claimed he got very emotional because he loves his games that much. He's happy everyone can enjoy these games at the same time.

Finally, Mr. Iwata closed with a final announcement that the Japanese exclusive Pokémon X and Y Blue 3DS XLsystem will also be released with a Red version that will also be released on September 27th in Europe and America.