"We visited Polar Bear Records in Kings Heath on the outskirts of Birmingham, which was located near to the venue we were playing on tour (Hare and Hounds). This was a great little store with a very passionate store owner who was willing to talk to us about the history of the shop and Birmingham's rock and roll icons over the years. He had lots of vintage memorabilia on the walls, including Bob Dylan concert tickets and Beatles posters from the '60s and '70s. We picked out Portishead's self-titled album as a key one for us. We have always loved the atmosphere Portishead create in their music, they have a rare and unique ability to conjure up a sonicsphere unlike anyone else. This is something that has always inspired our writing and production."

You can find out more about Polar Bear Records by heading here. Head over to Alpines' official website to lose yourself in their music.

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