Poliça have teamed up with Berlin-based chamber orchestra collective s t a r g a z e to create the full length album Music For The Long Emergency. The two groups were first introduced via the Liquid Music project run by the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra in Minnesota and worked together on Bruise Blood: Reimagining Steve Reich's ‘Music for Pieces of Wood’, which was released as a one-sided 12" earlier this year on Transgressive records.

The first single to be released from the album, ‘How Is This Happening’, was written in St Paul, Minnesota the day after Trump’s election win. The single acts as a time capsule of the emotions many Americans were going through at the time and the rawness of which can be heard in Poliça vocalist Channy Leaneagh’s chilling lyrics. Leaneagh recalls, “We were all just horribly somber. That was an example of the truly healing effects of making music with your friends… And while it doesn’t necessarily make things better, it builds community.”

S t a r g a z e conductor and ‘leader’ André de Ridder recollects: “The famous question is always ‘which came first the music or the words?’ And I honestly think in this project the music came first and then Channy found the words that were going to capture the atmosphere of the music. Or transcend them. Or contrast them. So it was interesting with ‘How Is This Happening’, at the last minute to turn the process on its head. She just made up her lyrics and her vocal line, and she sang it to us, and we started playing to it, and arranging it as we were playing, everyone being aware of what was happening in America at that time.”

Music For The Long Emergency is due for release on 16 February via Transgressive Records.