Update: Boiler Room has finally released a statement on the matter: "We apologize for the silence over the past two days… Boiler Room wholeheartedly rejects the approach taken by the law enforcement and security at Split Rock, and any kind of underlying intolerance and hatred that may have underpinned their aggression."

Over the weekend, Ray Ban and Boiler Room teamed up to host their event in the Split Rock Resort in Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania. It was just a smaller 3000-person festival, featuring a line-up that included Virgil Abloh, Mixpak, Discwomanand things got out of control. But the event was shut down by police. Now, it's being reported that it was actually the police who were out of control, as attendees took to Twitter to detail the harassment and injuries they witnessed at the hands of police.

Police reportedly used pepper spray made arrests during the GHE20G0TH1K party, as reports surfaced online that a black woman in her mid-twenties was handcuffed for possession of weed outside the GHE2OGOTH1K stage and put in a police car. Read accounts of the night below.