Every once in a while you hear a song where the artist's voice captures your attention with unpredictable immediacy. Polish musician, Monika Brodka's 'Horses' makes for a good instance in point, as it calls to mind Saint Saviour and Kyla La Grange's respective timbre.

With her first English language album, Clashes, coming out on Play It Again Sam in May, Brodka will be building on her great reputation in Poland (where her first three albums have seen much critical and commercial success) and looking to expand her fanbase to the rest of Europe and, hey, maybe even further afield.

We really like 'Horses', the album's first single, which was recorded in Poland and Los Angeles as part of the album sessions with Noah Georgeson. You'll know Georgeson for his work with Adam Green and Cate Le Bon, as well as his involvement in some of Joanna Newsom's back catalogue, including - most recently - the superlative Divers.

There is something Björk-esque about Brodka's press-shot for the project, which was taken by Yulka Wilam. The stylised, stark image fits the aesthetic of the album (we've now had an advance sneak listen and it's really good) and we're looking forward to seeing what the visuals for the singles hold in store.

Clashes is out on 13 May on PIAS