Pomegranates are on Myspace and you can buy their awesome record here Pomegranates hail from Cincinnati and have just released their latest LP entitled Everybody, Come Outside!, a swooning beauty of a shoegaze tinged indie pop record. Jacob, the drummer, kindly answered a few questions we had for them about fruit, narrative lyrics and Bono... Would you start by just telling us a little about yourselves? What's the Pomegranates origin story and what are the passions that define you all? More or less we came together because of our love of making music, and wanting to pursue more seriously than an occasional weekend gig. We all wanted to play music for people and make a positive impact on peoples lives. A couple of us were friends from previous bands, high school, or were friends of friends who heard a band was forming. Would you describe Everybody, come outside! as a concept album? If so, could you summarize the narrative for us? ECO! is indeed a narrative... It involves a disillusioned young person and their attempt to escape the mundane. In the process he meets a time traveler and travels through space. Your music evokes a real sense of innocence, yet throughout Everybody...it seems that it's an innocence slowly becoming tinted by sorrow or a sense of realization. Is that fair to say, and if so, where do we stand at the end of the album? I think there is a hint of melancholy for sure. Ultimately though I think we hoped to convey a sense that even though things may not be what you or expected or turn out the way you plan, life is lovely and you can find beauty and truth in many different ways. Hopefully that doesn't seem too melodramatic! Following on from the last question, is it important to you guys that your personalities and feelings are reflected in the songs, or is it more the case that the songs can't help but express them? Hmm... Some songs definitely have a more personal tinge, and others just sort of happened. I think a lot of art is that way. Authors writing crazy disturbing crime thrillers from the perspective of a lunatic, or a painter painting really positive joyful images, when in fact he is a tormented heroine addict. So I think it just depends on the songs. I'd say its a mix of things we are feeling, things we want to feel but aren't necessarily, and some we just felt would help the story a bit. Although there are elements of shoegaze in some of the songs, as a whole the Pomegranate sound is unique; how do you interact/internalize with your influences? Like many, or maybe all, artists; when we listen to music, read a book, or watch a movie, it shapes our own personal life and as a result often ends up showing up when we write songs. We see how someone else's art challenges us or hits a nerve, and we want to see if we can put our own spin on that feeling and capture that feeling in a different way. DSC00034 And how do you make sure your sound stays fresh as you keep writing new songs and touring hard? Man. Its hard to say. Hopefully we just keep pushing ourselves and making music we are proud of. What are your plans for the future? Well, we have a new album pretty much written. We are figuring out what to do as far as label things go. We are touring in the US at the moment, and are planning a UK trip in the winter or spring, which is quite exciting. And what would be your ideal UK tour? (who with, which venues, perfect rider! etc) I think we would all love to tour the UK with say... Doves or U2. [ed: really?!?!] We all love those bands. It would also be fun to tour with a great band called The Answering Machine who're on Heist[orhit - the label Poms are signed to] as well. Lovely people! I'm not very familiar with too many venues over there, so it's hard to say. As far as rider, lots of fresh healthy food, fresh juices, and a nice clean place to stay. Nothing to elaborate. Maybe some Marmite to really give us the full UK experience! We're told you recently donated some proceedings from your last full tour to a landmine charity? What inspired the give? Well, some one jokingly yelled out Poms not Bombs at a show. We made shirts that said Poms Not Bombs and were hoping to make enough from them to donate profits. We had been wanting to try and support some cause, so I did some research and learned about how devastating land mines have been for much of the world. We teamed up with International Campaign to Ban Landmines (IBCL.ORG) and have been distributing literature on the topic. Its something that not too many folks, especially in the USA are aware of. Unfortunately, we havent really been able to make any sort of profit to donate, as we have been printing our own materials, but we definitely have seen people take an interest in the issue when we talk to them a bit at a show and hand them a pamphlet. Often encouraging action is more important than money. Hopefully someday we can turn a profit and support their efforts even more. And how do you feel about certain high-profile bands (e.g. Coldplay, U2) and their charitable efforts? A step in the right direction or more of a semi-philanthropic ego trip? I think its a step in the right direction. I don't see how bands using the opportunity to influence those in positions of power and direct revenue towards problems and hurting people could be considered a negative thing. Maybe I don't read enough interviews, but Chris Martin or Bono have never seen particularly ego-centric. And if they are, better to be ego-centric about the good they are doing than some one like Noel Gallagher who seems to be ego-centric about how great he thinks his music is. - What would your 5 track DJ mini-set playlist be? Harmony - Starflyer 59 Running from the Cops - Phantogram Also Ran - French Kicks Once in a Lifetime - Talking Heads All the Kings Men - Wild Beasts Despite the fact that you inevitably get asked this all the time, It's still important for our readers to know; What is your favourite fruit, and why? Is it indeed the Pomegranate? Haha! Im not sure what my favorite fruit would be. To be honest I had never eaten a pomegranate before we chose it for our name. I was just aware of it from mythology, Biblical references, and so forth. I am into just about any fruit, especially in the form of a juice or smoothie. I do love strawberries (especially chocolate covered) What say you to this? Sound off in our Fourum!