Lorde looks more than a little possessed in the video for new single 'Tennis Court'. Dressed like a younger, bleaker version of C.S. Lewis' White Witch, the 16-year-old New Zealander looks into the camera dead-on, moving her head around inquisitively and mouthing along to the occasional 'yeah'. It's unnerving, monochrome stuff, but appropriately moody for a song about disillusioned teendom and the falsehoods of celebrity culture (she opens, "don't you think it's boring how people talk?")

In previous interviews, Lorde (aka Ella Yelich O'Connor) has referenced Grimes as a key influence and this is made clear through her homemade production sound, but voice and melody-wise we could draw more parallels with Ke$ha. In any case, she's fast becoming a megastar in her homeland (last single 'Royals' spent 3 weeks at Number 1) and it appears the UK is just about to catch on. The Tennis Court EP is released on July 22nd through Virgin, whilst a debut album is due later this year.

Closer to home, London beatmaker Russ Chimes recently got his hands on forthcoming Laura Welsh single 'Cold Front' and fashioned a massive, club-bound pop song out of it. Welsh' soulful tones, chopped up a little bit, find the perfect home in a bed of deep house bass, beats and handclaps. Much like Jessie Ware's unexpected disco turn with 'Imagine It Was Us' earlier this year, Welsh has (albeit in remix form) mastered house music far distant from her usual solemn, Feist-esque soul. The biggest "moment" is the advent of the bass 31 seconds in.

In a totally different vein, promising British duo I Am A Camera (named after a quote from Isherwood's Goodbye to Berlin) have much impressed with their 80s-tinged analog-pop this month. Best known for last year's awesome rework of Lana Del Rey's 'Blue Jeans', the band have just announced plans to release footstomper of a single 'The Legendary Children' at the end of August. The song has Pet Shop Boys imitation written all over it, but they've certainly managed to weave a unique spin on the 4/4 synth-pop anthem. That said, the chorus ("We are the ones / We are the legendary children / etc") is a very Neil Tennant thing.

Another duo making waves meanwhile are London-based Avec Sans, who formed only last year and comprise Manchester born vocalist Alice Fox and Trinidadian Jack St. James on electronics. Fox's hushed tones recall Alison Goldfrapp's whilst the overall sound makes up another brilliant, unabashed 80s throwback. Think simple but sweet electro in the Chvrches and Chew Lips mould. Below is new single 'Hold On'.

This final inclusion is anomalous for two reasons: first, I found out about it via a tweet from Radio 1's Rob da Bank; second, it doesn't sound like what I usually mean by 'pop'. It is catchy and accessible in that late 90s, beach party-ready way, though. The artist in question is London's Mighty Mouse, who released unbelievable electro-disco track 'Feel Alright' last week to celebrate the creation of new label Nightfilm, which was co-founded with Van She's Matt Van Schie. The song is free to download and sure to occupy your stereo for the next two or three months.