'Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by', reads my new favourite Scandi-pop singer's SoundCloud intro. The same goes - the pop column's back.

This first artist, Stockholm musician Ulrika, is going places. That is, monumentally successful worlds with songwriters and super-producers. Her debut single 'Animal' (unrelated to Miike Snow's underground 2009 hit of the same name) has been jammed in my head this past fortnight, its chest-thrusting hunk of attitude proving properly, utterly infectious. Ulrika started her career uploading covers to YouTube (actually well worth checking out), but this time around she's got cage-fight scenes, 2006-like Pussy Cat Doll dance moves and non-erasable lines like the silky "I'm not your typical [duh-duh-duh-duh] animal." Unmatched, energy wise, by all current up-and-coming popstars except perhaps Elliphant, the whole thing rocks, energises, and floors.

Something a little more low-key from R&B ballad-maker Shy Girls (aka the Portland-based Dan Vidmar) up next. Touching down somewhere between inc.'s evocative restraint and Miguel's overt sex appeal, suave love-song 'Second Heartbeat' is soul music twisted and strained through four or five separate decades. This is the kind of introspective music people make in their bedrooms on four-tracks nowadays, but Vidmar's polished, shined simplicity is something else. There's a good chance it will catch on. The song is taken from his totally 'gorge' debut EP, Timeshare, released last week.

I don't know about you, but my favourite track off the Disclosure album was the limber mid-album banger 'Voices', which featured little known London-based musician Sasha Keable spinning an acrobatic vocal show. As it happens, BRIT School grad Keable, who also leant vocals to Zinc's awesome 'Only For Tonight', recently signed to Polydor and has just launched a solo career. In fact, if you go on her website right now, you'll find a free download of a fantastic 8-song EP entitled Black Book. The whole thing acts as a stunning introduction and hints at a happy future in wonky Aaliyah-indebted pop, but nothing beats penultimate laid-back number 'Tempting As You Are'. An acoustic version can be heard below - so get ready to gawp.

Moving Stateside once again, former wunderkind Cady Groves has been releasing music on RCA since 2009 but we're still awaiting a debut album. Never mind - 'Take My Hand' is a brilliant, unannounced return to form - a poignant ballad dedicated to her like-named brother Casey, who sadly passed away a few years ago. Glossed over by Nelly Furtado/Selena Gomez producer Kevin Rudolf, here, her velvety tones offer hugs and kisses to warm acoustic guitars, and together they create something by turns uplifting and tearful. As much as I love Tay-Tay, no ballad from Red reached this level of hand-to-heart mimicry on my part. Kudos, Cady.

To round off, let's talk about Brooklyn-based Ukrainian Své (real name Sveta Bout) who is unsigned, manager-less, and oddly perfect. Intrigued, I have googled, facebooked, even myspaced, in my quest to find some things out about her. This is as much as I know. Firstly, having dabbled in music under her own name a couple of years back, she subsequently went into hiding, reinventing herself and resurfacing refreshed. Secondly, according to facebook, prolific Swedish pop producer Max Martin is her sole influence. Lastly, she currently only has one song ('Talking to the Walls') and it's an indication of great things to come. A fruitful investigation. You can listen to this below.