"Bow down bitches / bow, bow down bitches." March has been a pretty mint month for pop comebacks. Not only did we receive that terrifyingly ballsy, brazen intro-or-maybe-an-actual-song from Beyoncé, but we even heard the first fresh material in more than a decade from Mutya Keisha Siobhan, the new incarnation of the founding members of the Sugababes. Touching down in typically up-to-the-minute style, the girls reappeared with spectacular session outtake 'Lay Down In Swimming Pools', recorded and fashioned into something truly special by Blood Orange/Lightspeed Champion lynchpin Dev Hynes. Reworking 'Swimming Pools (Drank)' by Kendrick Lamar, transforming an already awesome track into something even more monumental, the result is everything we could have expected plus lots, lots more.

When Mutya breaks in, "I wanna stay / I wanna go round again / already been here too many times before," we shout back, "PLEASE STAY". Because what they're doing here is bold, brilliant and quite possibly the best thing since 'White Noise'. "I have found where I wanna be," they agree in perfect unison. Back and once again establishing themselves as the one of the best girl groups on Planet Earth, all augurs flawlessly for the Origibabes' second album, due for release later this year. But more importantly, speaking of 'White Noise', who else thinks a Disclosure/MKS collaboration would be the best thing to happen ever?

Powerful, attitude-stuffed and octave-straddling, sort of like a Nicki Minaj single gone right, Demi Lovato's 'Heart Attack' is one of those proper good electro-pop bangers that resorts to employing cardiac arrest as a metaphor for lovesick infatuation. But what makes this here song stand out from the crowd is the lolgasmic imagery of its pre-chorus, during which Lovato intones, "You make me glow, but I cover up / won't let it show," because imagining a garish, fluorescent yellow Demi Lovato is a little bit hilarious. Actually, really hilarious. Indeed, trying to visualise her as a bumbling, flying fire-ball ("I'm flying too close to the sun / and I burst into flames") is also pretty amusing. But one-liners aside, we're hooked and can't wait to hear Lovato's fourth studio album, out soon. The single gets a UK release on April 28th.

Moving onto a less well-known act, this next track comes from highly promising Melbourne popstar Owl Eyes (better known to her friends as Brooke Addamo), and was co-written by the equally fabulous Chela. Giving off surprisingly stylish italo-disco vibes, 'Closure' ping pongs between cheesy Depeche Mode keyboard presets, pounding electric tom-toms and vocal lines which are literally impossible to shake off, all as Addamo 'weaves through the concept of struggling to find finality'. As a whole, it's as relentlessly lush and unendingly heartbreaking as a Say Lou Lou refrain (more of them later), and certainly paves the way for a splendid career ahead. In the mean time, NIGHTSWIM, her debut full-length, comes out on April 19th via Ozzie imprint Wunderkind.

Next up, Ciara's latest single 'Body Party' is a woozy, laid-back affair laced in dated synth lines and old skool percussion twinks. With pristine production courtesy of Mike WiLL MAKE IT (he of Rihanna's 'Pour It Up' fame), the song is reliably groovy but minimally ambitious. Co-written by boyfriend and rapper Future, the result is a pretty sensual, untroubled late-night number which would probably go nicely with some mates and a bottle of wine before a heavily-sozzled night out on the razz. Purported to be featuring work with starry-eyed producers Hit-Boy and Tricky Stewart, alongside collaborations with rappers 2 Chainz and Rick Ross, Ciara's fifth studio album will be released later this year. Fingers crossed it fares better than the last two (both commercially and critically).

As aforementioned, Swedish duo Say Lou Lou (FKA Saint Lou Lou) have at last resurfaced with a luscious, anthemic new single. Following a string of support dates across Europe with the almighty Hurts, 'Julian' is true-to-formly harmonious, and comes out on May 7th via their very own À Deux label. Confirming their place as one of the most exciting new acts in the ever-expanding Scandi-pop camp, the overall hypnotic effect of pared-down trance bleeps, power-ballad drums and off-beat finger clicks, in combination with their otherworldly vocal style, gets the listener entranced, obsessed and nodding along like an enamoured, motorised Churchill. According to the press release, a video will shortly be directed in London and Stockholm by Philippe Tempelman, who also made the 'Maybe You' clip. They headline London's White Heat on April 30th.

Last and maybe actually least (who knows), Anushka is a duo from Brighton comprising Victoria Port on vocals and Max Wheeler on synth/laptop/tech. Not strictly pop, I'll keep words to a minimum. Essentially, they follow the glitchy, home-made R&B formula THEESatisfaction and Fatima execute so well, but seem to have it headed in a more streamlined, catchy direction. Raw but lovely.