Neo-psychedelic band Pontiak have announced they'll be releasing a new album, Innocence, on January 28th via Thrill Jockey Records. The 11-track full length is a follow-up to their 2012 LP Echo Ono.

Recorded at Studio A facilities in Virginia, the album is now up for pre-order via Thrill Jockey's website, with a limited number of 500 copies being printed on white vinyl. Also, if you're one of the first to order, you can get your hands on a very exclusive 44 minute CD-R that features the score to the Heat Leisure short film, produced by Pontiak earlier this year.

Check the album's tracklist below and listen to 'Innocence'.

  • 1. Innocence
  • 2. Lack Lustre Rush
  • 3. Ghosts
  • 4. It's the Greatest
  • 5. Noble Heads
  • 6. Wildfires
  • 7. Surrounded by Diamonds
  • 8. Beings of the Rarest
  • 9. Shining
  • 10. Darkness is Coming
  • 11. We've Got it Wrong