Antonin of Pony Pony Run Run very kindly agreed to answer a few little questions for us a short time ago. Read on to find out: why the excellent French popsters are like the characters in a Wes Anderson film, the frankly shocking origin behind their name and their hot tips for up-and-coming French bands; you heard it here first folks!
The 405: Please introduce yourselves briefly Antonin: Pony Pony Run Run is Gaetan (voice/guitar), Antonin (keyboards/vox) and Amael. Gaetan and Amael are brothers, they met Antonin in Nantes while they were graduating from their art school. When are you coming back to England? Soon, I hope...We had such good times in Brighton and London! France is close, geographically, to England, but how different do you feel the scene is? Well, there're less places to play in France, so it's more difficult to be able to do gigs for new bands...Still, there is unknown exciting bands and scenes... Also, the French audience is getting more open to French bands singing in English. If the music and the band is good, they don't mind.
What is the inspiration behind the name? Or did you just think it was catchy? That name went by itself! There's been many names around pony, and also we wanted repetition, and Gaetan, the singer, went out of the bath and said: "PONY PONY RUN RUN!", and everybody in the band went like "OK!" One of our photographers introduced me to you guys a month or two ago, he's a big fan and so am I. I want to know: If you could pick ANYONE to be a big fan of you guys, who would it be? Oooh, tough question! Maybe stephen Malkmus of pavement, or Michael Stipe...But I don't think they will ever be fan of pony pony run run! How conscious was your decision to sing in English? It went naturally, as we've listened to almost only English speaking music, we didn't ask ourselves the question, it went naturally. You've got a nice tour lined up, it looks manic. How are you preparing for it and how does it feel to have such a hectic schedule laid out in front of you? Well, our tour was supposed to be three months, then five, then six...Since september, we haven't stopped, and the tour has kept growing bigger and bigger. For sure, July's gonna be intense, we have almost 25 shows! But festivals are more fun, because it's like a challenge, you have to move people that maybe didn't come for you, and also you're being able to see other gigs and other artists, it looks like holidays! What will you miss most when you're on the road? Our home studios! What is the single worst thing that has ever happened to you guys whilst playing live? There's a lot! The one I remember was in Glasgow; we came up on stage, as the loop intro was turning, and then our drummer found out he had forgotten his ear plugs, so he left the stage! We all looked toward him when it was time to begin, and he was no more there! We felt really lonely for a minute that lasted like an hour! The show went pretty well by the way... If each of you was a famous film star, who would you each be and why? We would be the characters of Darjeeling Limited, with me as Jason Schwartzmann, Gaetan is Adrien Brody and Amael would be Owen Wilson...Even though there's only two real brothers in the band, it feels like a brotherhood. From the outside, i think our relationship would be as deep, funny, complicated, full of stories...
Your house is burning; what is the one thing that you each save? I think Amael would save his collection of vinyls, Gaetan would try to save his dozens of glasses and shoes, he has thousands of them!! I would try to save my CDs but as I have too many, I would be burned in no time! You're Djing at a rad houseparty. What's your ultimate 5 track playlist? 1. Classix feat.jeppe "I'll get you" 2. Phoenix "listztomania" (der die das remix) 3. Derrick may "strings of life" 4. A-trak yeah yeah yeah remix 5. Dada Life - happy hands & happy feet (Phatzoo remix) I'm totally in love with the French scene right now. Have you got any tips as to who is making serious waves right now but no-one outside of France has heard of? We played with many new french bands, so there's quite a few; The Popopopops, are really good, especially live, Curry & Coco too, and a two girls group called Andromakers. You can visit the band by heading to