Pop surrealism, or Lowbrow Art, is my favorite genre of art right after Surrealism. For those who don't know, pop surrealism is an underground art movement where the art consists of not only paintings but also toys, sculptures, and more. The element of Lowbrow Art that always stands out to me the most though are the colours, always extremely vivid. I am going to begin a short series here on the 405 featuring a few of the top lowbrow artists, starting with Shag, my personal favorite.

Josh "Shag" Agle currently lives in Los Angeles and is originally from Hawaii, which explains his love of painting Tiki's, which he includes in the majority of his works. Many claim Shag's art to be a celebration of consumption and consumerism, which certainly makes alot of sense when viewing his art. His art is very much like advertisement and commercial art from the 1960s and 50s, another reason that I am drawn to his work as that era contains some of my favorite art, most coming from advertisements and such.

For those who have not heard of Shag or seen his art, I hope you enjoyed this post and have found a new favorite. You can find more information on Shag at www.shag.com, there you can view most his work, buy prints, and find out which galleries are currently featuring his work.