Outdoor cinema specialists, Pop Up Screens are back again this summer; the perfect excuse to sack off faceless Odeons for a warm evening in the park with your mates and a proper classic. The schedule is accessible; Labyrinth, Anchorman, Zoolander, The Big Lebowski, Fight Club, Leon and of course… Back to the Future.

Tickets can be purchased in advance at www.popupscreens.co.uk for £8, or a weekender pass to see all three films at any one location will set you back £20, with a bumper Season Ticket available for £50.

Founder of Pop Up Screens, David Leydon has this to say; “I love movies, but I got to the stage of hating going to the cinema. I hated paying an exorbitant ticket price only to leave dissatisfied. I hated that slow sensation of your feet sticking to the carpet. I hated the way the whole experience left me feeling. I could go on, well I did go on, and on and I discovered that it wasn’t just me who felt like this. The more people I spoke/grizzled to the more people I found sharing my opinion. I started to think about what I actually wanted out of going to the cinema. At the top of the list was a good movie, followed by watching it in a relaxed environment with a bit of atmosphere. I want the movie and the experience to stick with me and not in the way the carpet normally does. A bit of value would be nice too. Most of all, I wanted an actual experience.”