She starred on the cover of ES magazine, appeared in i-D, and was handpicked by M.I.A for the M.I.A Versace Collection. Portia Ferrari is doing pretty fantastic and she is currently the young lady behind the bold vocal on Super Electric Party Machine's latest release 'Body Talk'.

Portia is 24, and has the confidence and wisdom of no other 24-year-old I've ever met. Some people just have that extra spark and attitude. Portia is one of those people, and I felt it the minute she walked in the room. No wonder M.I.A wanted her. She's the kind of girl, who doesn't aspire to be anything but the best version of herself, and so far she's doing pretty well. Her personality of perfectly balanced sass and kindness carved her a way into everything she loves. Portia is lucky and she appreciates everything coming her way more than anything.

We met up with the emerging model and singer for a chat about M.I.A, Larry Tee, inspiration and star signs.

You're a singer, make up artist and model. What did you want to be growing up?

I've never really known. When I was really young, I watched 'Lair Lair' and I wanted to be a lawyer and then I decided I wanted to do something a bit more create, but I couldn't really decide on what I wanted to do because I was interested in many different things. I really tried out many different things, so I realised you have to try out everything - but meanwhile obviously you need money and you need to enjoy it.

So how did you get to where you are today?

I went back into art because I've always loved art, so I thought I was at least going do something I enjoyed and that way I got into make-up and everything. I've always loved singing, and you go through different things when you're teenager - and I kind of got in touch with that a little bit. The modelling was just going through LCF (London College of Fashion) and picking up those contacts and then helping friends out and everything has just kind of gone with the flow. I'm pretty lucky.

M.I.A handpicked you - did she tell you what made you stand out? What do you think made you stand out?

That's such a hard question. I don't think I look that different to anyone else that she had an idea of. It may have something to do with my confidence. If someone's confident with who they are, there's a certain energy about them and that comes through in photos. Maybe she sensed a bit of that.

Did your experience with MIA inspire you?

When your life is so fast pace, and there are so many different things going on, you don't get a moment to think "woah". Everything just comes your way and that's great but sometimes you need a moment to be like "wow that's sick". I've been listening to 'Paper planes' years ago and it's a song that everyone knows so it's a bit insane to think that she wanted me to model.

What was it like working with her?

It was very interesting; because when I met her she was very business minded. She's a strong woman - she really impressed me in that way. She's very hands-on and she knew exactly what she wanted at the shoot, so I think that was really cool.

What about Larry Tee - how did that happen?

One day I was just sitting at home and someone said "we're doing this music video for 'Princess Superstar', do you want to come along." So I went along to that, and that was the day I met Larry. The song 'Lion Babe' was stuck in my head and I was singing it and he asked me to have a meeting with him and that's how it happened.

Did you just click from the beginning?

Something I love about Larry is that he doesn't mode himself for everyone else. He's very like: "this is me, love me or hate me" and I feel like I can be a bit like that sometimes. So yes, we just clicked from the beginning.

How do you feel about young girls and boys aspiring to be someone? Did you ever go through that?

The only thing I've ever looked at and thought "Oh god, I want to be like that" is the Spice Girls. But from that point, I haven't really looked upon someone and aspired to be him or her. I try and live being the best that I can be instead of just looking at someone and thinking "I want to be like that". It needs to be more about how I can be the best person I can be. People focus too much on others and think "I want to be like that" - not that it's a bad thing, because if you look at someone and aspire to be them and that makes you a better person that's great, but everyone should believe in themselves a bit more instead of watching TV thinking "omg I love this person" and making your whole life about worshipping this person. I'm not saying you should worship yourself, but just focus on being you.

Do you have a dream-collaboration?

I would've loved to work with Mariah Carey in her prime.

Where are we going to see you next? Are you working on any music or modelling stuff that you can tell us about?

I'm hoping to do a collaboration with a UK rapper - can't tell you who it is, but that's an ongoing thing that's just going to grow. Other than that there's a few DJs. There are a lot of collaborations coming up.

So you're doing music these days?

I'm literally doing everything these days. It's really hard to joggle everything, since I'm in the third year of my degree as well. It hasn't really soaked in yet, how much I actually have to do, but I try to do a little bit of everything everyday. It makes everything a lot easier, because some days you just want to watch The Lion King and eat popcorn. Music is something I'm going to focus on more though. It's an everyday thing that doesn't feel like work. Also: I assist my best friend. He's a co-editor at a magazine so it's fun to help him with creative director stuff. I want to get into that eventually. To know what you want something to look like and making it happen is what I'd like to get into, eventually. Just that and music.

Do you put yourself into different mindsets when you do different arts or is it the same Portia we see in music as well as in fashion?

I think it's quite hard sometimes, because people ask me "what are you" and say "how can you be a master of anything, if you're doing all of these different things". But like I said I've had a lot of different interests and if you just stick to them, everything else will just kind of flow. It's fun to change it up. If you can make a living out of having fun and being around the most amazing people, who all have the same idea as you, you should definitely try it. It can be a bit manic sometimes, but you have to appreciate.

So how do you deal with those manic times?

At first you say yes to everything, but you learn that you have to say no because it gets too much. It's about finding that balance. And whatever you enjoy more or whatever comes more naturally just let that happen.

Why did you decide to work with Anti-Agency?

It started out as a fun thing and all of a sudden I made money from it. But it was never something I knew I was going to do. What I loved about the agency was when they said "we're just the kind of agency that will make it easier for you to make a bit of money and for people who wants to do other things as well". It was made out of my sort of mind set. It was something that would only aid what I was already doing. It made sense.

If you were an animal, what animal would that be?

Okay. Let me get into this right now. I'm really into star signs. It's not that I fully believe them, but I consider that it could be true. Everyone I meet or I find interesting I ask him or her what star sign they are, because there always seem to be some traits that stuck out to me and I try to guess their star sign. I'm a Leo, so I would definitely consider myself a lion. I don't really like cats, but what I realised is that I'm a cat. I'm the king of the jungle. I can't have cats around. But I would definitely say lion. A trait with Leos is that they're very loving and loyal. And I completely believe that love tribes all. "The greatest thing you can do in life is love and being loved in return". I literally live by that. Another trait is that I can't stand when other people try to control me. I'm the king of the jungle and I'm going to do what I want to do and I'm going to be me.

You can visit Portia Ferrari by heading here.