It was 20 years ago that Bristol trio Portishead debuted the now seminal Dummy; a landmark in the traverse world of trip hop.

Since, the band has only released two follow-up records: 1997's self-titled LP, and 2008's fantastic Third. While appeal for the latter two records was tantamount, it seems hard for the trio of Beth Gibbons, Geoff Barrow, and Adrian Utley to top the unshakable mount that is Dummy.

The re-issued vinyl version of the LP will be 180-gram, heavyweight vinyl, cased in a gatefold sleeve - with the first 1000 copies in special blue vinyl. No new or unreleased material will be included with the copies, however, with orders available August 13th.

As it seems for Portishead fans, any news about the band that isn't related to its ongoing feud with Canadian singer The Weeknd is good news.