LiquidLight is nearly a month removed from its thrilling new record Wicked Radio, and now the band has a punchy new visual for the album's title track. You can check that out below, in addition to LiquidLight's guide to finding and buying music in the Pacific Northwest.

LiquidLight's Guide to Music in the Pacific Northwest

Music Millennium: As someone born and raised in Portland (Anthony, lead vocals/guitar), there is no record store more adored then Music Millennium. It's our longest existing store in the city and the oldest in the entire Pacific Northwest, opening in 1969. It is also the host of some pretty amazing daytime all ages in-store concerts. From the huge mural on the back side of the building to the original window art on the front it definitely has that magnetism that draws you in. Everything from mainstream to underground to local music, their selection is all encompassing and it is pretty rare that I can't find what i'm looking for.

Everyday Music: As far as small West Coast record store chains go, Everyday Music certainly represents Portland well and for good reason. There are 3 stores in different parts of the city and each one builds a great community vibe in their respective areas with show posters and other communal activity listings. They have their core selection consistent throughout the different stores while also creating a more personalized selection that's attractive to their specific area of town. It's definitely fun hopping from store to store in a single day on a hunt for something I couldn't find at the first one. Sometimes it takes driving across town to all of them and finding it at the last stop....which makes it all the more rewarding when you get it. The Seattle location is also a great spot, a prime location right in the middle of busy and artistic Capitol Hill.

Speaking of Seattle, a couple of our other favorite shops hail to the North a bit, but it's not rare that we will head up on a road trip to do some record hunting.

Holy Cow Records is sort of hidden in Pike Place Market on the upper level, a definite artist loft/warehouse vibe. It reminds me of the hole-in-the-wall record shops in New York's west village. Holy Cow is great for rare and vintage used records, I recently found a killer Zappa in NY live album there. You never know what you'll find. (Mitch, drummer)

Another favorite in Seattle is Daybreak Records, in Fremont. DR has a really great selection ranging from jazz and soul and funk, to Latin and disco and on to 90's indie rock, alternative, brit pop and tons more. I've come back to Portland with some of my most eclectic records from this store. Their staff is really knowledgeable and the store is easy to navigate. One of the best in the NW. (Mitch, drummer)

KEXP is an awesome arts organization and radio station from Seattle and they recently opened up a new public space for live shows and cool hangs near Key Arena in the Seattle Center. The gathering space is also home to a really great permanent record pop-up shop sponsored by local label Light In The Attic Records that sells their own releases and Light In The Attic distributed titles on other labels along with tons of other releases and used records, the extra cool bit is that they also have albums specially hand-picked by KEXP DJ’s so it's like getting great recommendations from your musically inclined friends.

You can stream LiquidLight's Wicked Radio below and order a copy for yourself here.