Shame is, sadly, a standard feature of the human experience. There are parts of all of us that someone, somewhere would make us feel "less than" for. Enter Portland indie pop band TENTS, who use their new single 'Hutah!' to remind us all of the life-affirming importance of celebrating ourselves and reclaiming the facets of our identities that have been unfairly maligned for so long.

The song isn't blinded by positivity. There is an upfront admittance of melancholy, as being shamed carries with it long-lasting trauma that can be difficult to wipe away. But 'Hutah!' is ultimately about finding ways to move on from that pain and taking back our happiness. The song's message is rooted in deeply personal experiences for the band.

"I carry a lot of shame," says TENTS' Brian Hall. "I have for as long as I can remember. I'm ashamed of my body, I'm ashamed about my desires. These feelings can make me feel worthless, even resentful of myself. I've worked hard to address these themes in my life, but it is still difficult for me to receive affection. It is particularly difficult for me to get up in front of people and sing to them. It has been a long journey. I learned these toxic ideas from the religious communities I grew up in. Sometimes they lifted me up, other times they inspired shame. 'Hutah!' is a song where I reclaim some of the joy I've given away. It is a declaration that I am wonderful, that humanity is wonderful, and that life is full of beauty and meaning."

You can stream 'Hutah!' up above. TENTS' new LP Medicine is due out Oct. 11 via Badman Recording Co. You can pre-order the record here.