Post Louis are a quintet of musicians based in London, and focused around the nucleus of co-songwriters Stephanie Davin and Robbie Stern (Cajun Dance Party, guitar with Fryars). They recently put out their first new track in a couple of years, 'Little Jack', and today we bring you the second sucker punch of sound from their new stockpile of songs, 'Stress Fracture'.

While 'Little Jack' was brooding and contemplative, 'Stress Fracture' is the complete opposite; outrageously electrified from the opening seconds, bursting forth on no wave styled guitars throughout its run time. What 'Stress Fracture' does have in common with the previous single is that it continues to show off Post Louis' abilities with layering sound and producing it in dynamic and cutting ways. As the duelling guitars jag their way in and out of each other hazardously, setting up a turbulent track, Alex Hitchcock's saxophone makes its way into the song, spilling across the soundscape in streams of wild and unpredictable colour. The sound is like the chaos of a busy and whizzing traffic intersection, with Stephanie's impressionistic lyrics reinforcing this cornucopia of images and noises they've created: “Mainline, please drive in my direction / Plastic wrapping for my protection / Car curl, lamppost, stretch out your veins / We might saloon our hearts in winter.”

Speaking about the creation of the song Stephanie says: “We wanted Andy’s backing vocal and Alex’s saxophone parts to tumble in out of nowhere, like a car falling off a highway. This song tracks the moment when panic sets in, temperature rises and emergency begins - when something fundamental gives way entirely, whether a bone or a belief.”

Listen to 'Stress Fracture' below.

'Stress Fracture' and 'Little Jack' certainly have us excited for Post Louis' next album, which they recently recorded in the Norwegian church (Sjømannskirken) in South London. While we await official news on that release, you can follow Post Louis on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

If you're in London you can also get a preview of this new material as they play a headline slot this Friday (April 27th) at Paper Dress Vintage in Hackney (tickets).