Last year London/Brighton band Squid released their debut EP, LINO, a three-song set that coupled their youthful exuberance with their affinity for 70s post-punk and broad soundscapes. Now they return with new single 'Terrestrial Changeover Blues (2007-2012)', a song that packs all their different facets into a thrilling 5-minutes, and shows appreciation for another retro influence on their characters and the music they create.

'Terrestrial Changeover Blues (2007-2012)' is inspired by exactly what its title suggests: the process of switching the UK's television signal from terrestrial to digital over those five years. Using this as a jumping off point, Squid take this as an opportunity to facetiously complain about how "they don't make them like they used to," during the slovenly opening segment of the song. Just when it seems this ranting has run out of steam, Squid pick up the song and jam it into an arrow-headed post-punk outro, which propels singer Ollie Judge to show off his energetic snarling and whooping mode. Check out the track below.

Squid will be playing these dates in the near future:

Off the Cuff - 27th April
The Alternative Escape - 18th May
Green Man Festival - 16th - 19th August