If it feels like absolutely forever ago that Post War Years released their debut album, it's because, in relative terms, it is. The band's excellent debut, The Greats and the Happenings, was unleashed upon the world back in May of 2009, but it's only relatively recently that the Royal Leamington Spa-based band have ventured back into the fray. There's been a single (A'll Eyes'), as well as an EP (Glass House), which, along with The Bell EP, act as primers for the extremely-long-awaited second album, which is to be titled Galapagos and released next year. Putting it bluntly, they should hurry the hell up and put it out, because if the new EP is any indication, it is going to be an absolute belter.

Kicking off with thudding drums and a soaring keyboard hook, the title track roars into life, and one thing becomes immediately apparent: much like Everything Everything, another band who combined style with substance, creating cerebral songs with a keen pop sensibility, the band have decided to give themselves a makeover, and now write songs packed with more hooks than a pirate convention. While their melodic instincts were never in doubt on the debut, now they wear that sort of knowledge on their sleeves and present it proudly. 'Boing' and 'Ghosts' find the band balancing their eccentric side with infectious melodies, the latter song somewhat reminiscent of Friendly Fires's more recent output.

Indeed, their contemporaries' sonic maturation on last year's Pala wouldn't at all be a bad blueprint to follow for their dancier direction, while the more atmospheric side of the new material that is displayed on EP closer 'Pigeon' sounds more fully realised than before. It's clear that the band have come on in leaps and bounds, drip-feeding us material over the course of a year which fully displays their own sonic maturation. There's enough variety on this release to suggest that the concept of a difficult second album is one that's completely foreign to these guys. 'Galapagos' itself turned up on the Glass House EP, so it's possible that some of these new songs may end up on the full-length, but my guess is that PWY are keeping their cards close to their chest. For all we know, this may be only the tip of the iceberg - and that's incredibly exciting.