The exhibition Post-American L.A. features artists that question the scope, sphere and impact of American authority, from the international stage to municipal politics. As the power of influence exercised by the United States is waning, it is critical to underscore this changing course of history with realistic reflection. Drawing from a variety of strategies, such as installations rooted in community-outreach, research based video work, conceptual text-based interrogations, works on paper, painting and sculpture, the artists in Post-American L.A. are invited to consider distinct observations, proposals and strategies for our civic and national roles. Additionally, Los Angeles-based artist Sandra de la Loza, representing the collective The Pocho Research Society, will work as an artist-in-resident during the course of the exhibition developing a series of events entitled "The Revolution Will...". Resulting materials including sound recordings, video footage, photographs, collectively created drawings and maps will be incorporated into an ongoing multi-media installation, in which the artist acts as a performative archivist. Artists include: Carolina Caycedo, Sandra de la Loza, Hugo Hopping, Ashley Hunt, Vincent Johnson, Glenn Ligon, Adrian Paci, Vincent Ramos, and Chen Shaoxiong.