Sharon Jones sadly passed away in 2016 after a battle with cancer. Although the singer had been working and creating for a long time, it only seemed like she'd started to gain the recognition she deserved towards the end - winning a Grammy in 2014.

Jones and her band The Dap Kings have always been known as some of the hardest workers and most passionate musicians in the business, so it is no surprise to discover that they were making music right up to the end of her life. The band's final recordings, made straight on to 8-track, will be released as the album Soul Of A Woman on November 17th.

Dap-Kings bassist Bosco Mann gives some insight to the writing process of Soul Of A Woman, saying: "We were all living together on the road, so if somebody was going through something, she was right there with us. She couldn’t really sing something unless she could really own it and sing it from her heart.” And in regard to the recording: "The musicianship and arrangements have to really be on point. It’s the responsibility of the band to get the performance right—there’s no undo, no ‘give me another track.’ There’s a different sense of commitment. It means that you’re feeling a moment that was recorded by musicians, rather than a moment that was assembled by producers and mixing engineers, and I think people grasp that emotionally.”

Check out Soul Of A Woman's opening track 'Matter Of Time', which comes with a video made of clips from Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings' final tour, below.

Soul Of A Woman track list:

01. Matter of Time
02. Sail On!
03. Just Give me Your Time
04. Come and Be a Winner
05. Rumors
06. Pass Me By
07. Searching for a New Day
08. These Tears (No Longer for You)
09. When I Saw Your Face
10. Girl! (You Got to Forgive Him)
11. Call on God