London's Cherri V has been accumulating a tremendous following over the past few years thanks to a never-ending supply of scintillating tracks. She's earned millions of listens and heaps of praise from innumerable outlets, and with due reason. That's not going to change today as Cherri V unveils her latest single, a bubbly love song entitled 'Things You Do.'

The track possesses a carefree sensibility, allowing the joys of love and attraction to percolate to the surface. And while the light-hearted instrumentals are great fun and make you want to shuffle, the real star here is Cherri V's voice. A powerful, classic instrument in its own right, Cherri V uses her vocals to broadcast all of the song's emotion. Her palpable passion makes an awful lot of sense as she, herself, admits the song's thematic content is personal to her own life.

"'Things You Do' is a fun-loving track about love, attraction and the highs that come with that," explains Cherri V. "It was written on a summers day, and it captures the relationship between being drunk and being in love… I always call myself a lightweight when it comes to alcohol so it only takes a tipple to get me going, and in relation to being in love, it’s the smallest things that excite me -- good company and good vibrations."

Check out 'Things You Do' below, and keep your eyes peeled for Cherri V's debut LP, Brown Eyed Soul, in early 2018.