Earlier this afternoon, FACT reported that PPL, a UK company in charge of licensing for public performance and consumption, have banned staff from listening to music while in the office.

As an attempt to get workers "...truly appreciating the value of music," the ban will be a one day (that being today) rule which means the strict lack of usage of both stereo and personal music devices. Fines of £5 are supposedly being issued to those unable to conform to the ban, with all proceeds being donated to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Music Week have also additionally reported that Jonathan Morrish, director of PR and Corporate Communications at PPL explained that "The value of music to businesses is a point we are constantly explaining to our licensees so it seemed to make complete sense upfront of our new research for staff to undergo silence themselves!"

So it seems PPL workers are entering this Bank Holiday weekend a little quieter than normal, but Morrish assures us "everyone will be glad to have the music back on when we all come back to work after the long weekend."