The 405 spent the weekend in Camber Sands for the last ever summer edition of the ATP Festival series - curated by the band that has most soundtracked our existence: Deerhunter.

So we performed our trick (as seen here for example at Field Day) of leaving a disposable camera in the site with instructions on the back for festival-goers to use the camera and pass it around, and it turned out to be one of the more successful in our series in terms of getting the camera returned. With many other festivals/gigs we attempt to do this, the cameras tend to get lost in a sea of mud, crammed tents, emblazoned logos, and disappointment. Not at ATP, which contains the lowest twats-to-people ratio of any festival - the benevolent nature of the punters is crucial to the disposable experiment.

We set this camera down on an air hockey table in the arcade and 'Dave' got in touch with us a few hours later and returned it just prior to the carnage of Dan Deacon. 'Dave' then went on to feature in the first dance off during Dan Deacon a short while later as it goes. We like 'Dave'.

We also liked, enjoyed and generally had a blast over the weekend that featured three Deerhunter sets - with Bradford Cox and co playing Cryptograms, Microcastle and Halcyon Digest in full over consecutive nights (recent LP Monomania receiving a cameo appearance after Halycon Digest). You will be sorely missed ATP Camber Sands & Minehead