Well this is a first for our "Predisposed at a..." series.

For those unaware, intermittently we leave disposable cameras at gigs, festivals and events with the cameras having crudely printed instructions for you, the general public, to use the camera, take some snaps and pass them on (and for whoever finishes the roll to get in contact with us). Now, depending on the event and how many disposable cameras we have at our, erm, disposable, we tend to leave two or three cameras to increase the odds of them being used, found, and returned. It's roughly a 33% hit rate in this literally random semi-Dadaist game of chance, the other two thirds never to be seen.

With this in mind, this is the first time we've had BOTH cameras returned to us from the same event (see here for Roll I), essentially proving what a great bunch of people attend the ATP Festival series - a truly unique festival where the independent spirit rubs off onto the benevolent festival goers. You will be sorely missed ATP Festivals (the final ones are to be held at the end of this year).

The roll features one 405-er, prior to having their life changed whilst experiencing Deerhunter's Microcastle in full - and also so nearly another first; NUDITY.