It's been while since our last 'Predisposed at a Gig' segment, and that is entirely your fault dear reader.

For the uninitiated, the concept explained briefly is that we leave disposable cameras at a gig with instructions on for you to take some photos, and pass on. Further instructions ask for the last user to send them back to us - our last previous such one was at a Tom Vek gig here, where all the elements of chance combined with each another for a success story.

Now, the reason for laying the blame squarely on you is that we have left cameras in locations, for them never to been seen; having said that, we did leave them at festivals (Field Day, T in the Park etc) and we appreciate that you were probably too drunk to notice such things. Why wouldn't you be? You are forgiven.

Anyway. A couple were dropped off at the Teeth album launch party at The Lexington on 21/09/11 with Pens and Gross Magic, which was a truly awesome show by the way. Half the shots did not come out - a consequence of acquiring the cheapest disposable camera in existence no doubt with a flash with the power of a dulled led.

Now as for the other camera... that ended up in the hands of Teeth - who however managed to lose it on the way to a post-gig BBC interview in a taxi. We will forgive them too, what with them giving the world the most fun you can have over 30 minutes without getting naked in the form of Whatever. Oh and make sure to listen to the aforementioned shambolic interview, it's pretty hilarious.