Welcome to the start of a new feature. Though given the large element of chance involved in the process, it's entirely possible that it could also be the last. Explanation? Read on...

With faint wafts of some kind of Dadaist experiment, The 405 are to leave disposable cameras around gigs and festivals across the country with some written instructions on; the instructions in short is to simply take some photos ('Use me' crudely handwritten on the camera) and pass it along to someone else. Or potentially not.

Once the film reaches the end, we encourage you, dear gig goer, to contact us and send the camera back to us to be developed, to subsequently be published on these very pages. And who knows? A prize or two you may receive for our gratitude. We're kind like that.

Below are the results of our first experiment where the camera was left at a Tom Vek gig in Heaven, London (16/06/11). Amazingly, not one person chose to take a photo of their phallus.

Well if the truth be told it got off to a shakey start - for the camera was purposefully left on the tip of the bar for a 'random' (ergh, horrible word) to pick up. However... when we went to return to the bar to purchase some overly-priced Red Stripe in some thin metal, the camera had been placed behind the bar, in an act of lost property automation. So we were then put in a bizarre situation of asking for the camera back from the bar person that we had deliberately left there in the first place, so that we could deliberately leave it somewhere else.

'Oh that camera over there - that's mine? I lost it. Has some writing on. Could I have it back please?'
'Okay, what's your name mate?'
'Uh well, it says USE ME on it?'
Confused look. Blank stare.
'So... but what's your... oh just have it'.

So please, keep your eye out for the contraption involved in the funnest form of photography - the disposable camera. Be part of the gig community.