There's a Hackney-based photographer by the name of Stephen Gill whose photographic practice bridges the gap cannily between conceptual and documentary leanings.

One series in particular, Outside In, demonstrates this splendidly; a series in which the process is crucial to the final images, as Gill goes around Hackney and further afield gathering physical materials to actually put inside the camera on the film. Dirt from the streets, silica gel form the gutter, insects - if it can fit in the camera it goes in. Hopefully with 'Apologies to Insect Life' as British Sea Power would say. It's a game of intention versus chance, Gill allowing control be passed on to arbitrary schemes.

Our disposable features in the past have all been about the concept of chance - leaving cameras at gigs with instructions for you to use, with the knowledge that we possibly may never see them again. Well, the latest in the series has been taken a small, accidental further akin to Gill's work - as the camera got soaked in a bag of beer thus screwing with the results. Sure, it's not exactly the same process as this was not a deliberate act (blame the London Overground for this delightful misadventure) but shares parallels without the class of course. A happy accident. Gill quote:

As much as I love photography, part of me is rebelling against it.

The results as you can see below created some wild, yet vague effects, that succeed in summing up New Years Eve at XOYO (The 2 Bears headlining) better than any intentional photographic acts could have achieved.