Let’s face it, we all like discovering fresh new bands, discovering what they have to offer and finding new artists to fall in love with. However, it’s always nice to see when veteran performers come back with new material that not only doesn’t shame their legacy, but actually enhances it. Such is the case with Scott “Wino” Weinrich, the doom-metal legend behind the Obsessed and St Vitus, whose 'The Emerald Law' was one of the highlights of Dave Grohl’s Probot album. Here, he re-emerges with new band Premonition 13 sounding like a man energised beyond his years.

Make no mistake about it, 13 is unashamedly from the old-school of metal. Opener 'B.E.A.U.T.Y.' makes this point perfectly. After two minutes of build-up, it kicks in with a colossal riff before Weinrich’s powerful voice takes over. 'Hard To Say' continues in a similar vein, with a thundering bassline and hitting it’s first solo inside of a minute. It’s got a sound positively dripping with menace. The band was formed as the result of jam sessions between Weinrich and guitarist Jim Krakow, and you can see evidence of this in hazy album closer 'Peyote Road' and 'Sense', a relatively softer song which is carried by a hypnotising groove that still maintains a dirty swagger. But, crucially, the band don’t let the jamming get out of hand. Yes, some of the songs are on the long side ('B.E.A.U.T.Y.' clocks in at over nine minutes), but the songs are still focused and driven, delivered with a real sense of purpose. This is shown by the aptly titled 'Deranged Rock’n’Roller' which rampages along like a runaway freight train.

If you’re looking for sensitivity and delicacy, then Premonition 13 really aren’t the band for you. To be fair, most of you will be able to look at the album artwork and know straight away if this is going to appeal. Make no mistake, this is very much an album you can judge by it’s cover, and it’s every bit as awesome as the cover suggests.