Preoccupations have had two self-titled albums now, seeing as they changed their name from Viet Cong after the first, but for their third they have gone for the even more basic title of New Material, which will be released through Jagjaguwar on March 23rd. That's not a slight on Preoccupations' naming abilities, in fact we wouldn't want them to change - their austerity in album and track naming only adds to the character of their dark and dramatic post-punk.

This seems set to continue into New Material, as suggested by new single and album opener 'Espionage'. Singer MAtt Flegel says that the new album is “an ode to depression and self-sabotage,” and you can certainly feel that in the constricted cry of 'Espionage', which rings out with new levels of grit and anguish. Finishing 'Espionage' was a moment of clarity for Flugel, who said it "was when [he] realized, that [he] looked at the rest of the lyrics and saw the magnitude of what was wrong.”

That discomfort is sure to be supercharged throughout New Material. Get your first jolt of it by listening to 'Espionage' below.