FYF Fest takes place on August 22nd and 23rd in Los Angeles at the LA Sports Arena & Exposition Park. Find out more details at their website.

Bloc Party

The last time Bloc Party played Los Angeles, Fuckface von Clownstick – sorry, I mean Donald Trump – wasn’t running for President of the United States and the oh-so-problematic “Blurred Lines” was what was deemed the ‘Song of the Summer’. Oh, 2013, you were the best of times and the worst of times. But now the iconic English dance-rock are back and this year’s lucky crowd at FYF might be among the first to not only have one of the band’s first shows in a minute, but maybe even get a taste of some highly anticipated (and heavily teased) new music from them as well. It’s bound to be a serious dance party, and we can’t wait to check it out.

Hop Along

The sophomore album from Hop Along, Painted Shut, earned itself a strong amount of praise when it was released a few months ago, and for good reason. Out on Saddle Creek Records, home to alt-emo legends Rilo Kiley and the poignantly anthemic Bright Eyes, each of its 10 tracks tells a unique, introspective story made all the more interesting by vocalist and lyricist Francis Quinlan’s sincerity and her unique vocal style. Each year FYF brings some incredibly exciting new talent to its undercard – Joanna Gruesome and Benjamin Booker last year, Waxahatchee in 2013 – and this year, Hop Along might just be one of the fest’s brightest new stars.

Purity Ring

FYF’s lineup typically centers around producers both new and old and indie-rock (as vague of a term as that is), although this year does find them with more R&B and hip-hop on the schedule than they’ve had in years past, but that doesn’t mean that its curators haven’t totally left pop music in the dust. Last year they booked Kelela, Little Dragon, and Grimes, and 2015 will bring Solange, Tennis, Flume, and Canadian synth-pop duo Purity Ring to the L.A. Memorial Sports Arena. Having just released their latest album Another Eternity earlier in the year, they’ve been largely praised for the stage production they’ve employed on this tour – something that vocalist Megyn James took special care to make sure was perfect herself. Our fingers are crossed that at the very least they’ll bring elements to those shows to FYF, but with Eternity’s plethora of four-on-the-floor bangers and the hits they had on Shrine that turned them into the sensation they are today, it’s sure to be one hell of a fun show regardless.


Having just sold out a trio of shows at famed LA venue The Echo a few weeks back, HEALTH are returning to play a much bigger stage on the 23rd. Much like Darkside’s set last year in the Arena stage whose set and stage production was greatly aided by being in a dark (and much chillier, a refuge to the LA heat outside), closed in space, here’s to hoping HEALTH’s will be there as well – their Echo shows had some of the most spastic strobe lights I’d seen in a while, making it a perfect fit for that stage. Regardless of where they end up, though, it’s going to be a dance party for the darkest of souls as they bring their ‘racket music’ and new album Death Magic to the fest.


One social media search of JUNK and you’ll quickly find that they’re arguably the smallest band on the lineup. In the short time they’ve been around, though, they’ve been showing why they’re one of FYF’s most exciting new groups, opening for Christopher Owens, Tijuana Panthers, Charles Bradley, and Cloud Nothings. They’re the new project from the #EmoRevival king himself, Evan Weiss of Into It. Over It., but they choose to err more on the Strokes side of things than American Football with their feedback-drenched guitar riffs and Weiss’ sometimes crystal clear, sometimes rough-around-the-edges vocal style. If you’re one of those people who always wants to be on the cutting edge side of the music scene and know the newest of the new bands, make sure to check out their set on the 22nd.