To celebrate their 10th birthday, The Faversham Garden Party have grand things in mind. The iconic Faversham club night has drawn in some impressive talents and great underground gems over the years and has found itself as one of the mainstays of Leeds’ clubbing scene. Of course, this means any old celebration just won’t hack it. Introducing The Garden Party, transformed for a simple club night into a big, bold, bright festival to close out the summer this August Bank Holiday Weekend.

A weekend of music, art and food, The Garden Party couldn’t have picked better surroundings; plonking their weekend of fun in The Tetley. The former HQ office of Tetley’s Brewery, the art deco building was transformed into a contemporary art space following the closure and demolition of the actual brewing plant of the world famous bitter (now produced in other Carlsberg breweries across the country) in 2012. A striking building on the banks of the River Aire, it’s already become an important part of Leeds’ culture scene, recently playing host to the amazing Leeds Feast, a smorgasbord of amazing street food that closed the Leeds Indie Food Festival.

For one weekend, The Garden Party are making it their home and, with the help of a ridiculous team of talented promoters including Now Wave, Eat Your Own Ears as well as the gang behind Canal Mills and The Warehouse Project, you can expect a line-up fit for a grand birthday bash.

The combined talents for these great promoters have amassed a stellar bill across the weekend. DJs and live acts, new and old, locals and not so locals, the variety of acts here is frankly staggering. Everyone from Moloko veteran, Róisín Murphy, to kaleidoscopic disco spaceman Todd Terje will be gracing the stages at Tetley to keep your feet moving all the way until Monday.

But it’s not all music. Oh no, this is Leeds, a city that prides itself on its excellent street food and great art. So why not chuck all that into this lovely melting pot too? Curated by the aforementioned Leeds Indie Food, you’re not going to see a single soggy burger or disappointingly beige curry here! Tuck into a tasty Sweet Potato Lentil Gobi Roll from Rola Wala or a flavour-packed bahn mi from the Bahn Mi Booth van then wash it all down with a drink from the Craft Beer Bar. You’re definitely not going to go hungry here. Plus, Mad Ferret alongside &/Or Emporium and Medium Arts will be bringing Tetley to life with installations, stalls and a few other surprises; the perfect escape when you need to rest your feet a bit.

With so much going on, we’ve narrowed down five acts that you should definitely make an effort to see at The Garden Party. Luckily, you won’t need to be running around a field to find them all; just an old brewery grounds!

Five acts you must see

Todd Terje

Look, you should know by now that, if Todd Terje is on a line up, I’m probably going to go recommend you go see him. He co-wrote ‘Candy’ with Robbie Williams for goodness sake! Colourful samba rhythms, otherworldly space disco: Todd Terje specialises in shoving rainbows through kaleidoscopes to see what comes out. Usually, if not always, it’s an impressive selection of tunes that make it impossible to stand still. And by the time ‘Inspector Norse’ rolls around, all faculties will be gone as you give yourself to the reigning King of Disco, Terje Olsen.


By putting local boys Galaxians on your bill, you’re almost guaranteeing a party that shimmers and glitters like a roller disco ramped up to 11. Warbling synths, wobbling bass and beats that’d make even the most resistant of bodies shake, Galaxians are something of a secret weapon. No matter who they’re billed with, from Tom Tom Club to Horse Meat Disco, their modern disco-house vibes are enough to enrapture any and every audience put in front of them. Grab your glittery flares and questionable hair styles because you’re in for a real treat!


For something a little bit more industrial, inspired by the grey, contradictory Manchester of the 80s, which managed to spring the likes of both Joy Division and Happy Mondays from its loins, Lonelady is your best bet. She sits somewhere in between those two worlds, at times skeletal and cold, other times knocking out effusive funk-laden rhythms like bizzaro pop tunes: St Vincent on a bender at The Hacienda. You never quite know what you’re going to get with Lonelady, feeling like something of an outlier on this line up, which is exactly why you should take the time out to witness her for yourself.

Soul II Soul

The underlying philosophy behind what the legendary funk and soul collective, Soul II Soul, do is a simple one. They just want to put a smile on your face. And with anthems such as ‘Back To Life’ and ‘Keep On Movin’’ in their arsenal, they’re Weapons of Mass Foot-Stomping. Jazzie B’s love of music led him to running soundsystems all across North London in the late seventies, trying to bring this love, and a few of his own dubplates, to as many house parties as possible. This ethos, to just get everyone’s body grooving, will be in full force when Soul II Soul take over The Garden Party.


When you have the backing of Scottish noisemongers, Mogwai, you know you’ve got a good thing going on. Glasgow’s Errors take a step away from the dark post-rock of their forefathers, however, and opt for a more 80s take on post-rock. It’s New Order by way of Sigur Ros, the Pet Shop Boys tinged with a bit of Scottish misery. Their latest album, Lease of Life, was a richly textured album that flicked between doom-laden noise and warm, charming 80s homages. They’re a band that fizz with exciting possibilities, vibrant and invigorating, and are sure to be one that you’d be silly to miss this weekend.