The 10 years since his first release ('Skank' on Big Apple, 2002) to his latest ('I Will Never Change', free download due in March 2012) have been fateful for Benga who has risen to become one of the defining faces of the rise of Dubstep. And now, 25 years old and on the eve of his first headline tour (with MC Youngman backing him), we present a short list of our favourites and his best moments of the last decade.

The First Release

Not his strongest moment but a pretty impressive debut drop that still sounds fresh and sounds distinctive from the start with his heavy bass and pauses. A lot busier and less ambitious than what's to come.

Survival Of The Fittest

'Evolution', from his prophetically titled Invasion EP would later appear on his 2008 full length Diaries Of An Afro Warrior but it first appeared here in 2006 when dubstep first finds ground. A particularly strong track and one that's still heralded today as one of the top tracks from dubsteps heyday.


2008 saw Benga break through to a larger audience with his critically acclaimed sophomore album Diaries Of An Afro Warrior receiving numerous critical plaudits, including a coveted spot in Rough Trade's top 10 albums of the year, as well as 'Night', his collaboration with Coki, seeing the light of day outside the dubstep audience in clubs across the country.

Fresh Air

While 'Night' reached a new audience with its crossover style and Diaries... reached out and satisfied the dubstep purists it was the advent of Magnetic Man, his colaboration with Skream and Artwork that really launched Bengas name into the lights. Much more pop orientated than his previous work with Skream his work with Magnetic Man proved exceptionally popular with the album reaching number 5 in the chart and 'I Need Air' reaching number 10 in the singles chart.

On A Mission

2011 saw Benga step back from the light a bit more and take up the back seat in helping produce and write possibly the biggest dubstep/pop crossover album yet, On A Mission by Rinse FM's poster girl Katy B which climbed to just one off the top spot in the UK charts.

While Benga has gone on to prove that he's more than just a dubstep producer and can craft a pretty decent pop song, he's not left it there, and if his solo output from the last few years is to be believed (his latest is below) he's still got the ability to produce some of the most distinctive bass music going which can be witnessed at the dates of his upcoming tour, which can be seen below the video.

  • Friday 24th February – Brighton Audio
  • Saturday 25th February – Plymouth University
  • Sunday 26th February – Swansea Sin City
  • Tuesday 28th February – Leeds Mint Club
  • Wednesday 29th February – Coventry Kasbah
  • Thursday 1st March – Loughborough Echoes
  • Friday 2nd March – London Fabric
  • Saturday 3rd March – Bristol Motion
  • Friday 9th March – Manchester Sankeys
  • Saturday 10th March – Sheffield Tuesday Club
  • Monday 12th March – Liverpool Magnet
  • Wednesday 14th March – Southampton Oceana