Many of us have this inherent compulsion to meet our heroes. Whilst allowing our inner monologue to run wild we fantasise over how the opening conversation will develop - and when it comes down to the perfect scenario of our minds creation, we'll make such an impression that we'll end up with becoming the bestest of friends with said hero. Perhaps with us also striking such a strong, mutual bond that we'll end up working together for years and blossoming in each others company.

This never happens obviously. Unless you're Chrysta Bell.

Bell was introduced to David Lynch via a mutual friend who was convinced that they would hit it off, and that is exactly what they did, creatively speaking. An immediate musical chemistry transpired that ultimately lead to the release of collaborative album This Train in September 2011, an album that essentially took 10 years to create as their relationship grew and new avenues explored by the duo.

Bell has seldom performed live in recent years, with only a few dates scheduled this year so far over the worlds; luckily for London residents one such date is at Bush Hall on February 8th - so make sure to utilise this unique opportunity for some ethereal, seriously sensuous yet darkly unnerving vocals.

Get your tickets.