The VMAs this year were... weird, to say the least. Grimes being placed in charge of the red carpet coverage should be at least some indication of the madness to follow (although she did seem utterly wonderful at it).

After the whole furore with Comedy Central, where they were scheduled to perform on The Colbert Report but pulled out last minute because of a surprise appearance planned for the VMAs (which is probably a good thing because it led to an absolutely fantastic video from Colbert dancing with various celebrities to replace the segment), Daft Punk actually did appear at the VMAs but not in any context people were expecting.

Many expected a performance. Instead they just sat in the audience and then later presented Best Female Video with Pharrell and Nile Rodgers. It's not quite the chance to get all the kids in the audience aware of how brilliant Nile Rodgers is but at least the robots were wandering around which made it all that much more surreal.

Before they presented the award, however, they did at least show a snippet of the video for 'Lose Yourself To Dance,' which is altogether quite similar to the video for 'Get Lucky' except with more people in it. It also has Nile Rodgers still looking cool as anything and like he loves life, just as in the 'Get Lucky' video, so that's something!